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Meet Dr. Pamela Grant

Making a Life Change

Dr. Pamela GrantDr. Grant didn’t originally plan to be a chiropractor, but an attorney instead. After completing undergraduate studies in prelaw, she was set on attending law school. During this time, a friend introduced her to chiropractic and educated her on how the body is a self-healing mechanism. Over time, Dr. Grant realized this was how she wanted to help her community and decided to move to Davenport, Iowa and enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic. “I can now see the huge impact chiropractic could have made during my formative years.”

Learning About the Role of the Nervous System

As a child, Dr. Grant had epilepsy. At the time she didn’t realize that the condition was related to the nervous system. “Now as an adult, I can see how the body can operate in a dysfunctional manner. Had I been adjusted back then it could have made a difference in my life.”

Chiropractic’s enormous potential to help new patients get well made Dr. Grant realize that being in a courtroom arguing for 30 years as a career was not her true passion. “I want to help people and my community in a more positive and health conscious way.”


Professional Associations

In addition to holding a Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer, Dr. Grant stays informed by participating in chiropractic and local organizations:

Living a Balanced Life

As a highly hands-on person, Dr. Grant loves going to work every day. This also carries over to her personal hobbies, such as DIY-ing her home remodel, scuba diving and sailing. She and her husband love to travel and try new things (within certain limits – no skydiving)! She’s a proud Hoosier, born and raised in Indiana!

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